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More than anything else, we are particularly proud of our customers.
You make us successful because you follow our suggestions – and for good reason.
We have had a close relationship with most of our clients for many years.

We will mention only a few areas of our work in the following – and will be happy
to present projects and solutions to you in person.


Selected projects

Growth strategy for a medium-sized technology leader

Connected car services - strategy and roadmap for an OEM

Security concept for smartphone access to cars - concept and demonstrator

Car connectivity as an instrument for custoner retention / CRM

Innovation management to secure and expand technological leadership

Business plan development and expanding the business of an aircraft component supplier

Business excellence programm for a corporate group

Global location strategy for a production network

Macro and management structure for an industrial group

Due diligence and post-merger integration programme for an automotive supplier

Material cost reduction programme - direct and indirect

Boosting performance in the planning and handling processes in shipbuilding

Reorganisation and strategic reorientation of a service organisation

Restructuring of an automotive supplier